Regardless of the individual values each one
of us holds; society maintains a sense of connectivity through appreciating, respecting
and adhering to a certain ‘social code’. We begin to learn this social code at an early age; through our parents, caregivers, teachers and peers.
We take both direct and indirect cues from those around us to learn things such as what it means
to be a good friend, how to appreciate the differences of others, when it is important to speak-up and when it’s better to keep quiet.  We begin to understand concepts such as teamwork and honesty. We learn how taking care of
ourselves and our own needs helps us to be kind,
empathetic and caring towards others.

The BRAVE Project is based upon incorporating values-based activities, stories
and discussions into everyday interactions.  It is the belief of the project that
children who are exposed to, practice, and appreciate pro-social values will be
less likely to be involved in incidences of bullying. It is the hope of the project
that these same children will be champions in creating a culture of caring which
is free from violence and bullying.

The menu to the left has a list of values; within each one you will find corresponding story books, resource books, and activities specifically designed around encouraging your children to apply pro-social values into their lives.

“Try not to become a man of success
but rather

try to become a man of value.”

                                                                               – Albert Einstein