Providence Outreach Programn

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Outreach Services helps preschool aged children with special needs access the programs they need right in their own community. Our teachers, speech-language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists take their expertise right to the children, free of charge, in any day care or licensed day home in Calgary.
These services include:

  • Teachers & therapists consulting with childcare staff and families on programs and support in the community
  • Strengthening the professional development of childcare staff through training they can use every day
  • Identifying resource materials and strategies for effective child development
  • Focusing on the individual needs of each child

Children often come to the attention of our Outreach staff because of a special need identified by their parent, childcare professional, teacher, or therapist. Any of these people can request help by the Outreach team. We only stop when the consulting therapist or the parent determines that intervention is no longer required, or the child no longer attends a daycare or licensed day home in Calgary.

We work right in the daycare centers. In that environment, children have the opportunity to learn from their typically developing peers and take advantage of resources available around them. We make sure children get high quality, intensive, integrated and multidisciplinary help in a setting where they are comfortable, and that will also carry over to their other daily activities and home life. This helps strengthen families. Because it’s part of the daily routine, parents of children with special needs can make sure their child gets help without the added stress of missing work or potential transportation issues.

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