Collaborative Mental health

East Calgary Health Centre, 4715 – 8th Ave, S.E., Calgary, T2A 3N4
Phone: 403-955-1010
Fax: 403 955-1013

Collaborative Mental Health Care (CMHC) is a service within the Child & Adolescent Addiction & Mental Health Community Services, Alberta Health Services. Our mandate is to build capacity within the community, to decrease the risk factors and increase the protective factors that relate to mental health outcomes for young children, birth to kindergarten entry.

What is Collaborative Mental Health Care?

CMHC is a community-based program to improve the conditions for young children’s mental health through a variety of strategies, including consultation, education and advocacy, in partnership with community service providers who work with children birth to kindergarten entry and their families. (It is not a treatment or case management program).

When should I consult the program?

The Red Flags or reasons a provider may request a consultation when they have concerns in a number of areas:

  • Mood concerns; difficult temperament
  • Difficulties coping with frustration; poor emotional regulation
  • Excessive fears and anxiety
  • Aggressive or destructive behaviours
  • Demanding and non-compliant behaviour
  • Excessive activity, impulsivity, and short attention
  • Low energy, withdrawal, passivity
  • Sleep, feeding or elimination problems
  • Difficulties socializing and getting along with others
  • Poor eye contact, little interest in others
  • Poor play skills for age
  • Developmental concerns
  • Parenting challenges, such as overly controlling parental style, too lenient, limited skill or knowledge, parental substance abuse, parental mental illness
  • Parent-child relationship difficulties
  • Family or Environmental concerns such as: domestic violence, poverty

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