Outdoor Family Activities

Ideas for outdoor fun with your family

  • Make your weekly family social activity active! Go to the park instead of the movies
  • Take a moonlight or flashlight walk around the block after dinner. You can even chart your steps on a map on the fridge
  • Plan a family hike through a scenic park
  • Walk to the library on a sunny afternoon
  • Try going on a walking tour.
  • Go for a family walk and make it a scavenger hunt. Have each of your children collect common items (round rock, pine cone, yellow leaf etc.)
  • Enjoy exploring Calgary’s 400km of pathways
  • Learn how to hacky sack together.
  • Get a book on local birds. Go bird watching and see how many birds you can identify.
  • Play games in the backyard such as bocce ball, badminton or lawn darts.
  • Take turns swinging the skipping rope for the kids.  
  • Wash and wax the car with the whole family.
  • Play Frisbee on the front lawn.
  • Involve the whole family with yard cleanup in spring or fall. When you are done, take everyone for a family swim.  
  • Play tag or hide n seek with the whole family.
  • Go star gazing on a clear evening.