Immigration Services

Immigrant Services Calgary

#1200, 910 – 7th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2P 3N8
Phone: (403) 265-1120
Fax: (403) 266-2486

Immigrant Services Calgary provides a variety of services to support the settlement and integration of newcomers in the Calgary community.  They are committed to your success, and are dedicated to make you feel at home.
They can help you:

  • Find language training opportunities and other community resources
  • Adjust to life in Canada by supporting you in your settlement process
  • Gain Canadian work experience through volunteer opportunities
  • Meet people from diverse cultural groups

Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS)
Main Office:
3rd Floor, 120 – 17 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta   T2S 2T2
T: 403-262-2006   F: 403.262.2033

Calgary Catholic Immigration Society is a non-profit organization, which provides settlement and integration services to all immigrants and refugees in Southern Alberta.

They offer a wide variety of specialized services that were designed to aid and enhance the integration process.
Business Employment and Training Services provides to all refugees and immigrants in the areas of pre-employment training, pre-employment counselling and skill building for the long term goal of obtaining self-sufficiency.
Their Resettlement and Integration Services provides resettlement services for government sponsored refugees and independent immigrants to facilitate their integration as active participants in Canadian Society.

Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association (CIWA)

Head Office
#200, 138 – 4th Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 4Z6
Telephone: (403)263-4414
Fax: (403)264-3914

CIWA is the only immigrant serving agency in Calgary offering all-female programs and services. CIWA’s Mission, Vision and Values guide staff and volunteers in their commitment to provide programs and services designed to empower women for the benefit of their entire family and our community.

Canada Immigration and Employment Consulting Services Inc. (CIECSI)
Address: 303-4014 Macleod Tr. SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 2R7
Phone: (403) 398-7203
Fax: (403) 4527203
Email: [email protected]

CIECSI number one objective is to make sure that their clients are well represented, counselled, assessed and cared for in fulfilling their dream to immigrate to CANADA by certified immigration consultants.

Their goal is to ease your immigration process by providing you step by step guidance and follow up your case until the final decision made by the visa officer. You are taking one of the biggest steps of your life to immigrate to Canada either temporarily or permanently, move your families from their home to another new home (Canada).

Centre for Newcomers
Address: 1010, 999 – 36 Street NE
Calgary, Alberta T2A 7X6
Phone: 403-569-3325
Fax: (403) 4527203
Email: [email protected]

The Centre for Newcomers welcomes newcomers, and supports their adjustment in Canada with services and initiatives that promote diversity, participation and citizenship. Newcomers learn the language, employment skills and cultural practices that characterize life in Canada. Services are delivered by diverse and multicultural professionals in English and in a newcomer’s first language.