Alberta Works Housing and Utility Support

Contact: 1-866-644-5135 toll free

Website: RRM-PUB_fs_emergency_needs_allowance.pdf

Alberta Employment and Immigration provides assistance to Albertans who have an emergency that meets the following conditions:

  • the situation occurred due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond your control and,
  • your situation presents a severe health risk and,
  • You cannot wait until the next benefit period or access other resources.

The allowance may cover emergency costs of:

• Food
• Damage Deposit
• Eviction
• Accommodation (such as a hotel)
• Clothing (such as replacement clothing after a fire)
• Child care
• Transportation
• Essential appliance repairs
• Essential home repairs
• Utility arrears if utilities are about to be disconnected

Individuals must provide proof of need, for example:

• In the case of emergency damage deposit or eviction benefits a statement of arrears or notice of eviction must be provided.
• In the case of utility arrears a utility bill or statement must be provided.