The Childrens Cottage Society Child Care Program

Crisis Nursery Contact:

(This line is open 24 hours a day.)

Community Respite Program Manager
283-4200 ext. 229

Address: 845 McDougall RD NE
Calgary, Alberta T2E 5A5
Administration: (403) 283-4200
Crisis Line (403) 233 – CARE (2273)

The Community Respite Program offers a range of respite and crisis child care options to families with children, newborn to age 12, when parents are experiencing personal/family stress and have no other support available. The program allows parents to seek out and plan assistance prior to reaching a crisis level. Such support is aimed at strengthen the family, and reducing the risk of harm/neglect to children.

In-home Infant Respite: This program is designed to assist parents of newborn infants (0-6 months) when alternate respite options are not available. There are many reasons for requesting this service:

Parent exhaustion
Multiple births (twins/triplets)
Parent illness (post partum depression)
Feeling isolated
Medical appointments
Infant colic

Daycare Program: Daycares throughout the city work with Children’s Cottage Society to provide space free of charge. This availability occurs when registered children are absent. Requests for this program are most often to facilitate the following:

Appointments not appropriate to take children to (counselling)
Job interviews
Searching for housing
Hospital/doctor visits (sibling ill)
Risk of losing job (child care fell through)
Death in the family