The Childrens Cottage Society


Crisis Line (403) 233 – CARE (2273)

Administration: (403) 283-4200
845 McDougall RD NE
Calgary, Alberta T2E 5A5

The Children’s Cottage Society offers a wide range of programs for parents and children in Calgary, Alberta strengthening families by demonstrating leadership through a network of Crisis, Respite, and Support Services.

Our Services Include:
   • Crisis Nursery
• Respite Care
• Family Support

Our Vision
Safe Children in Healthy Families

Our Mission
“Preventing harm and neglect to all children and strengthening families through crisis, respite and support services”.
The Children’s Cottage Society believes asking for help is a sign of strength. The Children’s Cottage works closely with other agencies to connect families to appropriate resources that can meet their needs.

Crisis Nursery

  • The 12 bed Crisis Nursery provides 24 hour child care services for those families in crisis
  • The Crisis Nursery is available for children newborn to 8 years old
  • Child Care is provided by trained Child and Family Support Workers who are assisted by volunteers
  • Referrals to agencies, Children’s Cottage Family Liaison and other services are provided to help resolve the crisis or the problem
  • Confidential help in a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere

Why Parents Need the Crisis Nursery

  • Feeling stressed and having difficulty coping
  • Sudden illness or hospitalization
  • Marital conflict
  • Feelings of isolation and depression
  • Housing problems
  • Fear of harming or neglecting a child
  • Financial crisis

What to expect when you call

The Family Support Worker will ask the caller about their specific needs and family situation. The Coordinator will then work with the parent to determine which service best suits their needs. The Coordinator will ask you the names of your children, the children’s birth date, address, if your child has allergies, special needs, or medications that they are prescribed.

What Parents are responsible for when using the Crisis Nursery

  • Transporting their child to and from the nursery
  • Providing the child’s Alberta Health Care number
  • Supplying any medication the child requires in the original container clearly labelled

Depending on your reason for needing to use the Children’s Cottage Crisis Nursery your child can stay with us for up to 72 hours. We will ask you to take it one day at a time and call us daily to ensure all is well with your children and that they are managing without you.

There is no cost to you using any of the services provided by the Children’s Cottage Society Crisis Nursery. We do ask you at the time of admission to fill out a form for Statistical purposes to ensure we receive future funding to continue providing services for families requiring support.