Conflict Resolution

A few things to consider when solving a problem:

  • Tell the truth
  • Calmly talk with others
  • Be sure to listen actively
  • Wait your turn to talk
  • Use “I feel” statements

Is It Right to Fight? A first look at anger

Author:  Pat Thomas
Age Group:  6-9
Summary:   Spats are normal among younger kids, and often lead to screaming, hitting, and other expressions of anger. This fun-to-read book helps kids understand that it’s often all right to be angry, but that it’s always best to resolve conflicts peacefully. This interactive book offers questions to pose to children throughout
the story.

Play Fair, Have Fun: A flap book about making good choices
Author:  Tisha Hamilton
Age Group: 5-12
Summary:  Today, in school and in everyday life, children often face issues such as bullying, teasing, and peer pressure. This colorful book looks at simple, everyday situations that shoe the importance of making good choices and doing the right thing, And the action-oriented, fun flaps bring each situation to life in a way all kids can understand.

Peace Begins with You
Author:  Katherine Scholes
Age Group: 6-10
Summary:  Ways to resolve conflicts at home and around the globe.

Behaviour Management: Conflict Resolution

Author:  Crystal Bowman
Summary:  This is a good resource to use for young children. Using a story format, issues are presented to the students and activities that provide experiences in dealing with the challenges are also presented.  It has got a very good selection of stories, songs and small
and large group activities.

Conflict Resolution:  Communicate, Negotiate, Consolidate
Author:  World Teacher’s Press
Summary:  The practical activities in this book will help students understand how to resolve conflict successfully and allow them to practice the skills and strategies to communicate, negotiate and consolidate conflict resolution procedures.

Creative Conflict Resolution
Author:  William J. Kreidler
Summary:  More than 200 Activities appropriate for children ages 6-12 for keeping peace in the classroom.  This book will help you respond creatively and constructively to conflicts that occur in your room; it offers over 20 conflict resolution techniques with examples, 14 reproducible worksheets and over 200 activities and cooperative games.

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