Responsibility is a great source of personal power as it is the key to taking charge of
our lives.  It means to fulfill our obligations, be accountable for our actions, use good judgment, and not let others down and is therefore a part of all aspects of our lives.  Taking care of our bodies, being kind to others and the environment and carrying out chores, homework and errands are some situations in which we practice responsibility.

The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble With Chores

Author:  Stan & Jan Berenstain
Age Group:  6-9
Summary:   When asked to do something that they hate, most bears will procrastinate.  Some conflict about which chores are harder and often Mama Bear ends up picking up after the rest of the family – until she decides to teach them a little lesson.

Spelling Bees
Author:  Mona Hodgson
Age Group: 4-8
Summary:  Jamal the jackrabbit promised to clean up the sticky mess he had made in the Desert Critter Clubhouse. Instead of getting it done before the big Spelling Bee like he said he would, he chooses to do something else — something more fun. Because of Jamal’s lack of responsibility, his desert critter friends are all in a buzz and they can’t get into their clubhouse for the Spelling Bee. What will happen? How will they get the buzzing invaders out of their clubhouse. Read along and find out.

William and the Guinea Pig
Author:  Gill Rose
Age Group: 6-12
Summary:  William does not want his sister to spend time with the guinea pig he received for his birthday, but later he finds a reason to change his mind.

The Loving Parents’ Guide to Discipline

Author:  Marilyn E. Gootman
Summary:  A professor of early childhood education provides parents with clear and comprehensive methods for disciplining their children with love, explaining how to set rules and limits, encourage good behavior, and use praise to raise healthy, happy children.

Do I Have to?: Kids Talk about Responsibility
Author:  Nancy Loewen
Age Group: 4-8
Summary:  Using real-life experiences, advice columnists Frank B. Wize and Tina Tuly write to kids about how to handle sticky situations in fun, creative, and responsible ways!

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