Kindness is giving love and attention to people and things that matter to you. When you are kind to others, you help
and support them. Sometimes being kind means that you put the needs of others ahead of your own needs. Being kind is one of the best ways to experience joy and pleasure in life.

The Hundred Dresses

Author:  Eleanor Estes
Age Group:  Chapter Book (8-12)
Summary:   Wanda wears the same faded blue dress everyday but she says she has one hundred beautiful dresses lined up at home.  The other girls tease her, until one day she doesn’t come to school.  This book offers a timeless message of compassion and understanding; it can be read by a strong reader or as a group.

Nobody Knew What to Do
Author:  Becky Ray McCain
Age Group: 6-12
Summary:  Ray starts getting picked on at school, the bullies hurt him with their fists and words.  Nobody does anything about it until one day Ray doesn’t come to school and a young boy hears the bullies talking about what they’ll do if Ray comes back.  This young boy stands up and gets help for Ray; it is a great story about courage and the role of bystanders.

The Kindness Quilt
Author:  Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
Age Group: 5-9
Summary:  In this story, Mrs. Bloom assigns a “Kindness Project,” in which her students will do something kind and make a picture of it. Minna performs many small kindnesses, but she doesn’t
know which one she should illustrate. Finally, she makes a small quilt of pictures, which prompts her classmates to make their own quilts–which are joined to make one large kindness quilt. Then, other classes join in, and the quilt grows to take up the big bulletin board in the hall.

Yoko’s World of Kindness: Golden Rules for a Happy Classroom

Author:  Rosemary Wells
Summary:  Rosemary Wells combines six tales into one nicely priced volume in this indispensable book for elementary-school children. Here are stories that make school
a little easier: stories about learning skills and building confidence; about teasing and differences; and about making and keeping friends. Previously published as individual readers, Yoko’s World of Kindness has been redesigned as a single picture book treasury to help young scholars feel confident and happy about the bewildering world of the classroom.

Kids’ Random Acts of Kindness
Author:  Conari Press
Summary:  An inspirational collection of heartwarming stories from kids of all ages.

If You Had to Choose, What Would You Do?
Author:  Sandra McLeod Humphrey
Summary:  The situations presented in this book…can help you talk with children about important moral and social issues.

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