Showing forgiveness when someone makes a mistake, accepting and respecting differences and not judging or teasing others for being different.

Forming an opinion based on false or
incomplete information. We may *pre-judge*
people before
getting to know them. Sometimes we pre-judge
foods we haven*t tasted, places we haven’t
visited, games we have never played.

A belief or set of beliefs that people who share
one characteristic are also alike in other ways.



Jungle Drums

Author:  Graeme Base
Age Group:  6-12
Summary:   Jungle Drums is a classic book that teaches kids that different is just different, not better or worse. Beautifully illustrated, the book draws readers into the Jungle where unbelievable things happen to the warthogs and their rivals.

Author:  Janell Canon
Age Group:  8-12
Summary:  This is a lovely story about a little bat who gets separated from her mother and grows up with birds.  The bat knows she is different from the birds but they still have many similarities and they keep a beautiful friendship throughout it all.

Be Good to Eddie Lee
Author:  Virginia Fleming
Age Group:  6-12
Summary:  A sweet, pure story of friendship and growing up. A book that can lead children away from harmful stereotypes and labels. Christy and JimBud think Eddie Lee, a boy with Down’s syndrome, is a nuisance, but when he follow them into the woods one afternoon, his understating of nature leads them to the most amazing discoveries of the day.

:  Robert Munch
Age Group:  6-12
Summary:  Lauretta needs a new wheelchair, so her mom takes her to the wheelchair store and they get one that goes really, really, really fast.

The Colors of the Rainbow
Author:  Jennifer Moore-Mallinos
Age Group:  6-10
Summary:  This is a beautiful book about all the things about us that are similar and different.  It encourages children to appreciate their uniqueness and celebrate their differences because we all make up a beautiful rainbow.


Taking Steps Towards Tolerance and Compassion

Author:  Linda Schwartz
Summary:  Creative Projects to Help Kids Make a Difference; this book is packed with creative, easy-to-do projects to help kids become more tolerant and compassionate towards others.

Sidewalk Games Around The World
Author:  Arlene Erlbach
Summary:  Kindergarten-Grade 5. From each of 26 countries comes an example of a game played on a sidewalk, outside, or in a large indoor venue. Equipment needs are simple, varying from chalk to jump ropes to jacks or stones. Directions are clearly and succinctly written. Each double-page spread includes a brief note about the country of origin, a world map showing its location, and a description of the game with illustrations. An added treat is the occasional language boxes giving common phrases, such as the days of the week or numbers, in that nation’s language.

Kids Around the World Cook!: The Best Foods and Recipes from Many Lands
Author:  Arlette N. Braman
Summary:  Make Delicious Foods from Many Lands and Discover Something about Different Culture What do kids in Jamaica eat for breakfast? How can you make a delicious loaf of challah bread? Who created the first chocolate chip cookie? Let your curiosity—and appetite—run wild while you learn how to make scrumptious delicacies from cultures across the globe. Kids Around the World Cook! takes you on a taste-bud-tingling tour to lands far and near with a fun assortment of trivia and lots of safe and easy-to-make recipes.

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