When you are honest you don’t steal.  You
don’t cheat other people, even if they make
a mistake.  Being honest also means that you don’t lie – you’re always truthful.  Is it always
easy to be honest?  No.  In the end though,
being honest is the right thing to do – for
yourself and the people around you.


Amy’s Disappearing Pickle

Author:  Elizabeth Crary
Age Group:  6-12
Summary:   A great interactive book, it is like a choose your own adventure book where the children think through the choices for each problem and imagine how the characters would feel. This is one of a six book series from the “Kids Can Choose” – other series of interest might be “Facing Life’s Challenges Series”.

Don’t Tell a Whopper on Fridays!: The Children’s Truth-Control Book
Author:  Adolph Moser
Age Group: 4-8
Summary:  The truth may be sacred, but many people–both children and adults–think lying is easier. Some people lie so often that it becomes a habit–a very bad habit–that reduces their own sense of self-esteem and makes others not trust them. In a clear and easy-to-understand narrative, Dr. Moser discusses the problems of lying and the importance of telling the truth. he offers thoughtful examples and suggests ways that can help children tell the truth.

Would I Ever Lie to You?
Author:  Caralynn Buehner
Age Group: 5-12
Summary:  When your cousin is always telling outrageous tales, how do you know what to believe? He says you were hatched from an egg in the garden, and that sure sounds absurd. But not all of his stories are false: He was right about your aunt Mary not having teeth; and Dad agreed with him that, yes, your mom does have eyes in the back of her head! So when Ed tells you that your dessert—the piece of pie you’ve been looking forward to all meal long—is full of poison, what should you do? In this spirited, silly book, the little kid finally gets to turn the tables on the big bully. And revenge is sweet as pie!

Honesty (Everyday Character Education)

Author:  Kristin T. Keller
Summary:  Now more than ever, kids need guidance on handling everyday situations. With vibrant photos and clear text, this set of books explores important character traits and presents examples of people using good judgment.

Classroom Helpers Character Education:
Honesty, Grade 1 (Character Education)

Author:  School Specialty Publishing
Summary:  Activities include: definition of the them
and real-life examples depicting that trait in action;
reflections on the theme; analysis of situations in which students determine if good character was shown; profiles of people who have demonstrated the character trait; cooperative group activities; hands-on craft projects; role-playing ideas; Reader’s Theater activities; school-to-home connections; folk tales, fairy tales, fables, and short stories that relate to the theme of the book; related poems and songs; games; and awards. Reproducible.

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